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Birthday Nails: I think I’m Fourteen

Photo: Mira Mikati Instagram

Last week, I recorded a podcast for Liberty, which was exciting. Interviewing the Lebanese designer Mira Mikati about her collection, life and three kids was fun. Like her good-mood-inducing clothes, Mira is bright and cheerful. I won’t give too much away, but needless to say, we could’ve chatted for hours and we pretty much covered everything, from how she got into fashion to the highly decorated apron she made as a six-year-old that was as endearing as it was funny.

When I say Mira is the most colourful woman in fashion, I mean it – she really is

I’ll post the link to the podcast at a later date, but it’s not really the interview content I wanted to talk about – it’s her nails. When I say Mira is the most colourful woman in fashion, I mean it – she really is. She arrived wearing a pair of her own label rainbow slides, as in slides crocheted with rainbow stripes. Her boyish shirt was decorated with big, bold, colourful buttons. The jumper she wore around her neck was bright yellow. Her bag was the cutest basket I’ve ever seen (bright, obvs). Her multi-coloured beads were worn long and her wrists were decorated with shiny-bright bracelets. But it was her nails I loved the most.

Now, is this something I could do at my local salon?

Five different colours – yellow, blue-green, purple, pink and orange – I’d spotted them on her Instagram the day before. She tagged beauty guru Alex Steinherr, and hair and nail art studio, Dry By London. Now, is this something I could do at my local salon? Hmmm. I’ve pushed the boat out quite far with my neon-orange gel manicure this month, but go the whole multi-coloured hog? Could I? Should I? Do you know what, after meeting Mira and hearing her stories (the one involving jumping off a plane for design inspiration is the best), and listening to how hard she works and how cheerful she seems to remain throughout, yeah, I’m going to give the multi-coloured nails a shot. Thirteen going on forty-three. Ok, I’ll be honest, fourteen going on forty-four…

The boyfriend said, ‘I just don’t understand’

I had my nails done, and despite the women in the local nail bar looking at me as though I’d lost the plot, I love them. The yellow went tits up (too runny – it wasn’t BUTTER LONDON, to be clear), so had to be wiped off and replaced with orange, but four colours out of five ain’t bad. The four-year-old wants to have hers done. The boyfriend said, ‘I just don’t understand’. My son gasped, ‘they’re great!’ Would I do it again? I think they looked better on Mira, to be honest, but like birthdays, they were fun – for a while.

Happy Nails Mira Mikati Style