Show up in Style

How to cope with a hangover at a wedding

I’m not sure what came over me, but the last time I went to a wedding, I got so drunk in the hotel bar the night before, the following day I could barely see. So classy. Anyway, needless to say, the following day I looked and felt like a wizened husk and spent the entire wedding sat in the corner, wearing very dark sunglasses, avoiding all conversation. Soooo grown-up.

“Tired and frazzled at a wedding is no fun”

It doesn’t take being a lush to have bad skin – a busy week at the office or, if you live in a household like mine, getting up at 2am to ask the kids, ‘So, why are you playing Lego?’ should pretty much do it. Tired and frazzled at a wedding is no fun. I should know. I met a new boyfriend/soon-to-be new husband the week before a remote Scottish wedding in the Highlands. Bedraggled, tired and totally emotionally ruined from too many late nights, it was a tough weekend. I hate not being on form.

“Sell me expensive stuff I don’t need? No, thanks”

Self-inflicted or otherwise, sometimes there’s only one thing for it: bathe yourself in expensive serum, slap on the lippy and grin like a five-year-old eating Haribo. Not exactly aged 21, you’d think I would’ve discovered serum a bit sooner, but no. Truth is a) I hate change; b) when it comes to beauty routines, I’m lazy; and c) I don’t believe the hype. Sell me expensive stuff I don’t need? No, thanks. And so, when a beauty PR gave me a free pot of serum to try, I realised what a total eejit I’ve been all these years. Don’t be an old pessimist like me – try any of the serums below and see for yourself. I’ve tried all three and serum, my friends, is one beauty ‘fix’ that actually works. Brides-to-be, take note. Hungover pals also.

Slather yourself in serum