Show up in Style

Raving: not just for kids

Silver sequin skirt, Zara: £69.99

I’ve come up with a brand-new retail category: Rave Outfits. Click on your favourite website today and after a quick search, you’ll find everything you could possibly need. Apart from Rave Outfits, obviously…

How I miss the thrum of a house track deep in my chest

My friend, Gemma, business woman, mother of three young kids, all-round responsible human being, emailed the other week to ask where she should buy her Ibiza outfits from this summer. Like Gemma, I still love Ibiza. Like Gemma, I still love dancing in Ibiza. Give me a sweaty dancefloor over a polite little cocktail bar any day. Oh, how I miss the thrum of a house track deep in my chest, all-night dancing, not caring what I look like, re-energising the soul by letting rip.

Love this Zara dress. Just add trainers, obvs


Me, arriving at the DC10, Ibiza. Not really. SS18 Isabel Marant, aka one of my favourite Marant shows ever. Such joy. Such a great Rave Outfit (despite being white)

Isabel Marant, SS18. Those trousers were made for raving.


Unlike the Wild Days of Yore, these day I go for dinner before hitting the dancefloor, a situation that requires a little more effort than throwing on a pair of denim cut-offs with some Adidas trainers. So, yes, I guess I do care how I look, for a few hours at least. My ideal Rave Outfit would work for a civilised dinner AND uncivilised dancing, which sounds easy, but it aint.  I searched the entire high street and all the high-end retailers, too, and found loads of great things if you’re an 18-year-old spring chick. When it comes to the ‘ever so slightly older’ woman, rave outfits for grown ups are few and far between. What’s a rave outfit? 1: Something you feel really fabulous in. 2: Something you can dress up with earrings, wear with flats or, preferably, trainers. 3: Something you can wear all night without looking like you’ve been dragged through 67 hedges backwards. (You can save that look for the morning after).

A total Rave Outfit (minus the flimsy shoes and bag you’ll lose behind a speaker). Rhode Resort, £330, Net-A-Porter

I’m one of many women who, despite being a bit older, still loves to stand next to a ginormous speaker and feel the energy of a crowd and the beat of a deep house track as it travels upwards from her toes. Yes, I know I’ll wake-up the following day with severe tinnitus and leg cramps. But I don’t care: I’ll take the once-a-year ear-ringing. I’ll take the leg cramps. I’ll even take the tinnitus, because man alive, it’s so worth it! I’ll also take one of these Rave Outfits. Rave onnnnnnn.

* P.S Rhode Resort is my fave new summer label. 

** P.P.S Just add flats, earrings and a rave bag, otherwise known as the cross-body-mini-bag

** P.P.S No need to look in a mirror, but beware Alice Cooper style mascara if going home after sunrise