Show up in Style

Stressed-Out Guest

Dear Stacey,

‘What the hell should I wear to your wedding?’ I know she’s on a mega strict budget, so I had to really consider my answer before replying, ‘GUCCI!’ Thing is, when it comes to buying an outfit for a one-off occasion, why spend an absolute BLOODY fortune on something you might never wear again? On the other hand, as my friend Anya proved so brilliantly well with the Vilshenko dress she bought for her father’s funeral, why buy a dress to wear only once when you can invest in something to wear time and time again? (And not just for funerals – Anya’s worn the Vilshenko number several times since, including on her 40th birthday and to a New Year’s Eve party). Plus, she’s always sartorially prepared for a funeral…

Determined to no longer buy clothes that end up in landfill, I’m way more mindful about the way I shop these days

I sit somewhere between the two camps. Determined to no longer buy clothes that end up in landfill, I’m way more mindful about the way I shop these days. I used to buy first, then wonder, ‘Oh, crap, will I ever wear this?’ That said, there are loads of high-street outfits around at the moment I think have true longevity. ‘Go buy something you feel great in now – something that will stand the test of time. Hang on, mate, sending an edit.’ And lo and behold, after a right old rummage around the high street, I found some brilliant things for my friend to wear to my wedding this summer. All available to buy on the high street at not too eye-watering a price point, I can’t see why she wouldn’t be able to wear her outfit again (and again, and again). 

When it comes to print, I have two things to say: either go for something that has a vintage vibe (aka cheetah) and will stand the test of time, or pick out plainer, non-print items, then jazz the bedoodles out of it with fancy earrings, a whopper of a clutch and some jazzy shoes. Hair scraped back, massive earrings, go strut like you spent a million dollars. (Or, alternatively, if like me you slightly die on the inside each time you walk into a party / event, grab yourself a stiff drink from the bar and try to remember to breathe).

‘Kate, just show up – who cares what you wear?’ Five minutes later: ‘What I meant was: who cares what you wear, as long as you’re happy? And as long as it’s not white…’


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