Show up in Style


Elizabeth von der Goltz (left).

I once took 15 pairs of shoes and boots on holiday to Greece. Yup. 15. Yup. To Greece. Years before it became a fashionable destination, I went to Patmos with a friend on a low-budget holiday (i.e. we decided not to book anywhere to stay, otherwise known as ‘winging it’). Clearly in a breezy-kind-of mood, we arrived on a jam-packed ferry to be greeted by a sea of locals perched on scooters. There to offer rooms, many of which were in their own houses, I sent my mate Kate off on the back of a moped with a random stranger (because I’m nice like that). I mean, there was no way I could’ve gone to investigate – my suitcase was ginormous and somebody needed to guard my 15 pairs of shoes… (and boots – boots!?)

Pack light, pack right?

Apart from, say, clogs, since then, I’ve learned heels are a total disaster on holiday and Greece is no place for a pair of electric-blue knee-high leather boots. No, ma’am. What was I thinking? It’s true, some women were born to look effortless on holiday, but what’s their secret? Pack light, pack right? Since having children, the amount of clothes and shoes I take on holiday has halved. In fact, I reckon I could even make hand-luggage last for a month. So, when it comes to packing and what to wear on summer evenings on holiday, take my advice: ignore me and listen to this woman instead.

Elizabeth’s Summer Evening Style Tips

1. Dress for the location, i.e Mexico feels very bohemian, whereas the west coast of Italy can be super glamorous, so depending on where I am, I change what I’m wearing to fit the vibe.  I visited Mexico as part of our JET-A-PORTER launch, and opted for soft colours in organic, gauzy fabrics and accessorised with neutrals and organic shaped jewellery.

2. Speaking of which, don’t forget to pack jewellery. Adding long thin layered necklaces is always a nice touch. For something truly special, I absolutely love Jacquie Aiche’s 14k rose gold body chain or try something with a pop of colour like lapis or turquoise.

3. At night I usually wear a flowy maxi dress with flat sandals or a statement top with denim shorts paired with fun earrings by Mallarino or Ranjana Khan.

4. Do take a multitude of cover-ups. A pretty pareo you can wrap-around yourself in many different ways is good, as is a lightweight cotton kaftan. I love kaftans by Lemlem, Su Paris or Caravana that can be worn over swimwear in the day, or thrown around your neck and body for early evening cocktails.

5. When you’re on holiday, it should be all about the flats. I love Cult Gaia or Carrie Forbes slides.

(So don’t pack thigh-high leather boots then? Answer: best not)

Stylish Summer Nights on Holiday