Show up in Style

Thank Gawd for Ganni

When I say, ‘Thank Gawd for Ganni,’ without exaggeration I mean thank Gawd for Ganni, for without Ganni, Gawd knows what I’d wear. Well, actually, I’d wear Preen, as in my go-to for parties, weddings and all things snazz. But Ganni, with its more accessible price point, works for work stuff, day stuff and, you know, all that not-propped-up-at-the-bar stuff.

…don’t have tons of spare cash to splash, but want to invest in something that will stand the test of time?

Now, here’s the thing: Ganni appears to have upped the ante on the BIG event front. No longer just purveyors of casual cool, there are some amazing dresses that would be perfect for a party, wedding, festival, birthday. Going somewhere nice, need something a bit special, don’t have tons of spare cash to splash, but want to invest in something that will stand the test of time? Head to Ganni and make a note to look out for their late-summer collection – plenty of dressier things are due to arrive in-store and online over the next month or so. I love their mix n’ match separates, clever if you want to break-up an outfit to make it more casual, like the black and white matching top and skirt below. Perfect together with heels at an event, the top will look great worn casually with jeans and the skirt with a t-shirt and trainers.

I wish there were more labels around this clever price point – you know, just above high street, but way below designer. Sad thing is, I’ve noticed they tend to hike up their prices as soon as they become established. Guessing, I reckon Ganni is around 25% more expensive than it was when I first started buying it back in 2016, but then again, the price of fabric and manufacture has gone through the roof. Why I am blabbering on about the cost of manufacture when this red-cheetah number is selling out before my very eyes?! Speaking of cheetahs, you’d better get to the shops – fast.

The 'I love Ganni' edit