Show up in Style

Tired Face + rotten cold + event to attend?

Mary Katrantzou, SS19

Around mid-September, it’s as if there’s an recurring entry in my diary that says, ‘go to fashion week, catch hideous cold, look ancient’. It happens every single year. I swear.

This September is no different. So yesterday, I took my shattered looking, snot-face self to Space NK to see if I could find some sort of miracle cure in a pot. (Sucker). Feeling v bedraggled, before I knew it, I found myself being gently guided to a brand I’ve never heard of before. ‘You will love this’, said the shop assistant, scooping a dollop of white cream onto my hand. ‘It’s so gentle and super moisturising’. ‘It won’t make my eyes puffy?’ I asked, looking at her through puffy little eyelids. ‘No, we all use it, it’s so plumping but kind’, she replied. ‘Not too organic? I mean, I’m twenty years older than you and I need a little help…but, wait – it’s a mask?’

Not great with change, Clark’s Botanicals is one of the many beauty brands I’d be too scared to try had it not been recommended to me via a trusted source. That’s why I prefer to go in-store to buy beauty, to try out textures and smells – and to get the advice of well-trained shop assistants. When ‘used sparingly’, the brand’s Deep Moisture Mask can be used as a ‘daily and nightly moisturiser’, and yes, initially the idea of using a mask as moisturiser took some convincing. A ‘hybrid beauty’ brand, as in that sweet spot between active ingredients and natural botanicals, I was sold on ‘cruelty free’ and ‘deeply soothing’. Containing Japanese green tea, for a moment, I felt a very mild tingle across my cheeks, but that soon settled down, and although I’m still full of cold and my husband just said, ‘you look tired, love’, this morning my skin feels soothed and smoothed.

I’m a sucker for beauty, but I have my financial limits and refuse to part with £350 for a pot of night cream.  At £58, Clark’s Botanicals isn’t exactly cheap, but given the minimal amount you’ll need in order to feel fully ‘moisturised’, I reckon you could get at least four months’ worth out of one pot. You never know, I might even give the rest of the range a go….

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