Show up in Style

We’re not in Kansas anymore

We’re not in Kansas anymore, darlings. Summer is finally over and the world has got its jumper on, well, perhaps not, but there’s certainly a wee nip in the air.

Right. I took the summer off this blog, and I’ll tell you why: I stayed in three different places, each with shockingly bad wifi. Like, 1994-style bad wifi. And although I was still able to earn a crust from writing, I could barely download anything never mind upload anything. I mean crikey, is this what people living in the countryside have to put up with? I’d riot. I digress. First blog of the autumn season is brought to you via the M&S MUST HAVES campaign. Hur-rah!

Hello, date night…

Well, what “must I have?” A pink jumper for a BEST-DRESSED DATE NIGHT, for starters. I’m wearing it as we speak, on a super hot date at an amazing new restaurant in New York. That last bit was a total lie; I’m wearing it whilst sat at the kitchen table with my five-year old, who says it’s ‘soft’ and ‘light pink’ and ‘her ‘favourite colour’. That’s a pretty good start…

Cosy pink jumper, £29.50 – CLICK TO BUY

When M&S asked me to choose my ‘must have piece’, I decided, rather than search online, I’d go old skool and go in-store to try things on instead. I KNOW! GET ME! Retro. And here’s the thing – I AM SO GLAD I DID, because this pink jumper in my opinion, looks way cooler worn two sizes up. Layer over a silky camisole – the one in the pic is also by M&S, but I couldn’t find the link – and pair with the new love of my life, the “responsibly sourced cotton” mid rise, skinny black jean that retails for a whopping £15. Now, I am a woman with an expensive denim addiction I know I need to get over, so could these jeans help me on my road to recovery? Hmmm.

Black skinny jeans, £15 CLICK TO BUY

Oh hello, biker boots of my dreams

Right, shoes. In-store I made a couple of discoveries. Numero uno: I may just have found your perfect biker boot. Oh YES. After I’d seconded a changing room, I spent an hour or so flitting around the shop floor, during which time, I accidentally ended up wearing the biker boots below for over an hour prior to purchase. Now, that’s what I call ‘road testing”. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve worn a pair of shoes or boots for a mere 5 seconds, only to discover they ache like hell. With a bit of a heel, these guys are mega comfy, plus, they fit a little wider on the ankle, meaning if you go up half a size you can wear them with thick socks and leggings / skinny jeans. YESSSS.

Leather biker boots, £85 CLICK TO BUY


You slinky wee devil

And, hello you slinky wee sling-back. I made a beeline for the shoes below, and for what it’s worth, plan to wear them with mid-length dresses to fashion week. I LOVE them. Another great thing about venturing into store? The realisation you CAN wear a point-toe shoe, if only you go up a size.

My favourite M&S shoes ever. £65. CLICK TO BUY

Happy shopping. It’s so good to be back.

Sponsored post written for the Marks and Spencer MY MUST HAVES campaign.